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Classification of Slit Lamp Findings - A Practical Handbook for Contact Lens Fitters and Eye Care Professionals


Up to date knowledge and literature of the anterior segment of the eye is an essential tool not only for professional contact lens fitting. The text book Classification of slit lamp findings is one of the best seller text books in that field, actually in the 5th Edition available in English and German language. The first edition (2001) was published in German language and Japanese language as well.

For eye care practitioners in a commercial environment, it is essential to have access to educational material in their own language. The JENVIS Research team around Prof. Wolfgang Sickenberger contributes to meet this need with a new printed Bulgarian and Russian edition about contact lens related slit lamp findings and its classification. Together with the JenVis classification Scores (available in 7 different languages) this text book will help to supports contact lens fitters in their daily work with the customers.

240 pages, 313 pictures, 26 tables and additional online materials.


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Wolfgang Sickenberger

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